Studio127 director : sosh yamamoto

Born in 1984 to a Christian family and named after the first and the last books of the Bible. ( "sou" is from SOUSEIKI : Genesis / "shi" is from MOKUSHIROKU : Revelation ) Spent three years of High school life in New Zealand and studied photography and design. Majored in linguistics at university in Japan, and for one year, studied in Australia at a university in Sydney. While in Sydney, attended the Hillsong Church and served as a member of the PA team and learnt sound engineering. Then worked as a designer in an advertising agency in Osaka. Then dedicated life for the ministry and studied at the seminary in Kobe, and began working as a freelance pastor scince 2017.

Also cooperating with some support activities for people with disabilities. 

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Studio127 ディレクター : 山本 創示